How to get to the event

Travel & Stay

The retreat is located in the gorgeous Prignitz, near Pritzwalk.

It can easily be approached by car, train or bus. 

If you arrive to the Venue by train, we can offer you a shuttle service to reach the farm. 

Best connections from Berlin are with RE6 and from Hamburg by IC(E) and/or RE6. RE8 is possible as well only less comfortable to reach the farm.

Once you arrived at the destination you have a couple of options to choose from for your stay. 

We offer a couple of sleeping opportunities in the built out top of an old barn, a redesigned camper and boathouse for sleeping purposes – however most of our retreaters bring their own tents and camp on the huge field that is located 3-5 minutes from the venue.

Our address: 

Karstädter Chaussee 6, Putlitz 16949, Deutschland

Accomodation Options


Bring your own camping gear, we save you the space.

Sleeping Hall

Enjoy a communal sleeping hall inside an old barn Atelier! Please bring your sleeping bag.

Camper / Boat

A couple of ‘stranded’ redesigned sleeping spaces available in the field.