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The Thanari Kunst-Werk-Hof is located in the beautiful Prignitz exactly between Hamburg and Berlin

a place for tango-, art lovers & creatives, that offers both an artistic ambience and a place for rest and relaxation.

A hidden gem in the heart of nature..

The venue is technically an old farm that has been renovated and beautified by our amazing host, Thana. You will find 1 main living house and 2 barns: 1 of which became a show room, atelier and private class area with space to dance and the other 1 had it’s upper floor renovated to become a big sleeping hall. You will also find a bathroom cart and outhouses on the property, as well as a communal shower area attached to one of the barns. There is a beautiful opened space mimicking a living room for a chillout, snack area. The 3rd and biggest barn has been opened up to nature and received a dancing floor. With beautiful lighting, amazing decoration (you’ll even see a boat) as well as a DJ booth it has become the main meeting point of the event. 

Behind this milonga space you will find an open field, with a vast horizon also belonging to the property. This is where most of us camp, make a bonfire in the evening and tell life stories sitting around the flames..