the people making this possible

Our Story

Our team, Thana, Lilia Keller & Melanie, Joshua and Julian invite you with warm hugs and lots of love to the 4th edition of Thanari’s “Traditional Tango Weekend”. With the many additions of stretching, yoga, massages, lake visits together and other relaxing programs we have decided to rename our beautiful Tango Weekend to a true Tango Retreat. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring tango dancers from all over the world together in the nature of Brandenburg. To dance, embrace, give time to relax and eat at long tables together.

We want to create memories that will resonate for a long time and awaken a longing for the vastness and freedom of the Prignitz, which is the name of the beautiful countryside our location lies in. You can feel all this at the Thanari Kunst-Werk-Hof especially while watching the beautiful sunset at the end of our large field.

Our Team

Thana (Katharina Sigel)

 Thana has been a passionate tango dancer for more than 20 years. Until 2019, she attended many internationally  marathons, festivals and enquentros. She taught tango in Berlin and Tenerife from 2007-2015 and ran a small outdoor milonga on the Canary Islands. Since 2019, Thana has been managing and renovating 

Thanari Kunst-Werk-Hof, which is constantly changing. Since 2020, the Thanari Tango Event has been held there once a year in August. Thana is multifaceted: in addition to the renovation work, she is owner of 

Sigel Art Studio at Thanari takes care of her summer guests and supervises the various events of  Thanari. Thana studied art and mediation and is teacher in Berlin. 

Lilia Keller

Lilia has been a tango teacher in Berlin for 21 years. She organizes milongas & tango vacations and enjoys being a tango DJ.
– “Tango Wander Wochenende in der Sächsischen Schweiz”
– co organizer “Colours of Tango Festival 2023”
Lilia is currently teaching @ Tangoloft Berlin
Lilia DJ’s in clubs like Tangoloft, Clärchens Ballhaus, Nou-Tangolounge, Milonga Popular-DJ Candlelight Floor & Haus der Sinne.

For more Info, please check out her website:

Joshua & Melanie


Joshua and Melanie have been accompanying Thanari Events as a professional bar and kitchen team since 2019. Joshua has been working for eight years in catering and management of various major international events. Tango Argentino has accompanied him since he was eight years old. Melanie is studying in Berlin and works as a translator. She helps at Thanari’s events as an experienced bar manager. The friendliness and professionalism of both of them makes every visit to the bar a special pleasure.

Julian Emmerich

Julian (Juli) Emmerich is a new addition to our team as of the end of 2023. He became a part of the Tango world in 2017 in Budapest, Hungary; which is where he currently lives as well. He quickly became fascinated by Tango and has started to study and train with many known teachers, however his main influence and current coach is Antonella Terrazas. Mostly he’s been seen in the Pista as a dancer or performer, though recently he has started to DJ around Europe as well. He now helps us with most of our marketing ideas and social media accounts, as well as helps in finding the right mood makers and maestros for our upcoming event.